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Important points of attention

Periods and goals

You first check which race/trim run you want go walk. After this you go the three successive training periods: the general preparation period and specific preparation period and the intensive period. je of course take into account the available time for this one period of 12 weeks.

General preparation period

Start: 12 weeks before target.
End: 7 weeks before target.
Weeks: 5

The training courses in this general preparation period exist for the mostly from quiet endurance training. This period is also very suitable for strength training (including hill training) to do. The purpose of the two preparation periods (the name says it all) is to prepare for the intensive period, so that you can training well during this difficult period.

Specific preparation period

Start: 7 weeks before target.
End: 3 weeks before target.
Weeks: 4

The training sessions in this period exist still for the most part from endurance training. Start with extensive interval training. This You close the period with a quiet week, to rest to start the intensive period.

Intensive period

Start: 3 weeks before target.
End: 1 week before target.
Weeks: 2

You will be in shape during this period the match. You don't train alone during this period long, the interval training will also be a bit heavier and last longer. If you have carried out the preparation period well, you will have sufficient recover from the heavy training during this period.

Transitional period

Start: end of season.
End: new season.

Until the start of the new preparation period you hold your own general condition. For a change, you can now finally try other sports. You walk in about twice the week hard. In any case, make sure you don't do too much. Also can help you heal minor injuries. If the training sessions and competitions have gone satisfactorily you can switch after a few weeks (depending on the recovery time) to a heavier schedule (a longer distance for beginners or to the semi-advanced schedule).

Training schedules

It is now clear how you can make a global running schedule. You can also use the Endurance training tables and Interval training tables and in Training heart rate monitor check how hard you should run during the workouts. For further details, we refer to the training schedules for beginners.

Maximum 3 training sessions per week:

And a maximum of 4 training sessions per week: