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Race preparation



Mentally (is really very important).
Think positively. My personal record on 9.3 miles (10km) run I, after a bad last interval training. A laborious last week means not always a bad race.
A new running shirt and short stimulates you to do your very best.
Stimulate yourself by thinking that you are in a great shape. This extra race tension ensures that of the hormone adrenaline there more is released, as a result of which you simply will run harder.
Care that your running stuff is ready, so that gives no problems.
We use no doping. However, you can use a placebo. It cost the necessary imagination to make a fool of you but it works.
This method we uses at the preparation of races, where the carbohydrate stock (or glycogen stock) in your muscles and liver is mainly consumed. In other words races longer than an hour. For the marathon it is certainly recommend. The intention is by means of correct training and with ate measures to increase this stock. A day or four for the race you do fast endurance training. The same day (and possibly the day before) you try to eat carbohydrate poor (see further). After the fast endurance training your carbohydrates have been consumed. If you take to the race much carbohydrate rich (see further) and little albumen and fat food, the body reacts by storing extra many carbohydrates in the muscles. Drink also more, because glycogen holds fought (by one gram glycogen you take three ml water).
Much success!
Carbohydrate rich food: pasta, rises, potatoes, fruit (bananas!), fruit juices, bread, sugar, sweets, carbohydrate supplements and gingerbread.
Carbohydrate poor food: cheese, notes, quark, ice cream, flesh.
Carbohydrates (such as sport spirits) that during the effort are taken can an important supplement form on the restricted carbohydrate stocks in the body.
Strive after a feasible time. See for this: Race expectations.
The aerobic energy supplies need some time (about 2 3 minutes) to do there work good. To save the carbohydrate stock run for this reason the first minutes of a race not too hard.
Keep you as much as possible to the split times. See Split times tables.
And of course also your heart rate: Heart rate monitor and races.
Moisture loss: is disadvantageous for the achievement capacity. Drink regularly. The body can process approximately one liter per hour. At a high surroundings temperature, high humidity degree and bad ventilation the moisture loss are higher.
A high quality of fat in the blood slows down the use of carbohydrates as an energy source. The hours for a race use therefore absolute none fat foodstuffs.
The most people reach their physical top around 11 hours in the morning and around 6 hours in the afternoon.
Running on head of a group, against the wind in can cost 10% more energy than in the group.  For cyclists is this even 20-30%.Try if it is possible just to prevent this. Do not forget the sport-loving point of view.
Uses a half-hour for the race a strong cup black coffee: caffeine stimulates the fat burning in rather strong degree.
A nose strip (such a plaster on your nose) does breathe you more easily.



Start: February 2005 Last modified: 29 August 2020