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Information run training tables

  • The training tables for running used in Runningtools.coml are:
  • Endurance training tables
  • Interval tables
  • Speed endurance tables
  • The training tables (with exception of the table interval short) have been based on the anaerobic threshold. To that the coupled speed is indicated in the training tables below 6.2 miles (10 km) times.
  • The training tables interval short (i.e. up to 400m) extensive are equal to the 6.2 miles (10 km) speeds. The intensive equal to the 1000m speed.
  • A rather reliable and easily method to appoint the anaerobe threshold are by means of a calculation of the current 6.2 miles (10 km) times. This manner is chosen in Runningtools.
  • For those who have a heart rate monitor training: you can determine your heart rate anaerobic threshold using the page: Training with a heart rate monitor.
  • The endurance running paces and the long interval are composed of two columns (the first is slower than the second). To get the most favorable training effect: start the season with the first column, don't go to the second one until the first one goes well.
  • Endurance pace 3 (93%) is equivalent to marathon pace.
  • Because it's not everyone has an athletics track available can use the interval training that is in Interval tables also by duration are carried out. Depending on how the previous training sessions went round the times up/down. Interval training is also possible be replaced by speed play.
  • When there interval training for example 3 x 10 min (4) means that you after every 10 minute interval you have to rest for 4 minutes dribble.