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Ideal body fat percentage



There are a number of ways to stipulate the quantity body fat. Most used is that of skinfold-thickness measurement: on a number of places on the body using skinfold calipers the cross-section of layers and skin is stipulated.  By means of a table the fat percentage are stipulated.
Another is which of electrodiagnosis: this manner has been based on the fact that muscles contain more water than fat and for this reason conduct electricity better. If we via the ankle to the pulse conduct a small electric cargo we can by means of the time stipulate the quantity fat fabric and muscle fabric.
For all these above called techniques certain equipment and some expertise has been required. For Runningtools is for this reason chosen for a method where this not necessary and moreover rather (watched out: this only counts for an average built body) reliable is.You need only measuring-line and balance. At this method to stipulate the fat percentage it is used body weight, waist (by your umbilical point) and gender.

Calculate ideal body fat percentage


What is your gender:

What is your body weight:   lbs/kg

What is your waist size (at navel):    inches/cm

This way correct?

Your body fat percentage is: %

Table mentioned below indicates the ideal values.

Body fat percentage

Age   Men   Women
17-29   15%   25%
30-39   17,5%   27,5%
40 and older.   20,0%   30%



Start: February 2005 Last modified: 29 August 2020