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Important points of attention

Periods and goals

You first check in which period (or better which competition) you enter blood form. After this you go the three consecutive determine training periods: the general and specific preparatory period and the intensive period. You love of course take into account the available time for this period of 20 weeks.

General preparation period

Start: 20 weeks before target.
End: 12 weeks before target.
Weeks: 8

The training courses in this general preparation period exist for the most part from gentle endurance training. It can't hurt at most once every three weeks do a pace 3 workout. This period is also very suitable for strength training (including hill training) to do. The purpose of the two preparation periods (the name says it all) is to prepare for the intensive period, so that you can handle the training well during this difficult period.

Specific preparation period

Start: 12 weeks before target.
End: 6 weeks before target.
Weeks: 6

The training sessions during this period still exist for the largest part of endurance training. Starts with extensive interval training. You end this period with a quiet week, to start the intensive period well rested.

Intensive period

Start: 6 weeks before target.
End: 2 weeks before target.
Weeks: 4

During this period, your form comes into play. Especially by the high-intensity interval workouts will make you progress quickly. If you have successfully completed the preparation period, you will recover sufficiently quickly from the heavy training sessions during this period. The third week of this period you train a little less intensively.

Two weeks before the competition you start reducing the length of the runs. This last week / two weeks you do gentle endurance training and short, high-intensity intervals (not at marathon training); the rest periods between these intervals are long. You can keep this shape for about six weeks.

Transitional period

Start: end of season.
End: new season.

After the competition period comes this period, in which you physically and also mentally rest for the next season. Which doesn't mean that you do nothing. Until the start of the new During the preparation period you keep track of your general condition. For variation You can now finally take up other sports. You walk about three times a week. If the recovery is good You can also train a little more intensively. make sure at least make sure you don't do too much. You can also let minor injuries heal.

Training schedules

It is now clear how you can make a global running schedule. You can also use the Endurance training tables and Interval training tables and in Training heart rate monitor check how hard you should run during the workouts. For further details, we refer to the training schedules for advanced runners: