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Fat is large reserve store of fuel. The human body has a fat store of no less than 50,000 up to 90,000 kcal. At the combustion of  fat the fats in the muscle are consumed firstly, afterwards the free acids from the fat store. Fat provides half of energy that is consumed during light efforts and does nothing. Fats are an important building material for all cells and hormones. The fat layer ensures also holding the body warmth and is a protection layer. Just like at proteins there also essential fatty acids: these can be also exclusively taken by means of feeding. There are approximately 20 different fatty acids. There are saturated and unsaturated fatty acids. Vegetable fats are generally unsaturated acids. These acids you   need for the energy household. These are very well digested and provide less cholesterol than the saturated acids. If these become hot they are converted into the unhealthy saturated acids. These are store in the body as a result of which you become thicker and raise the cholesterol quality in blood. Fatty acids are found mainly in animal products, such as sheep flesh, pig flesh, beef and milk products. Saturated acids are easily recognizable, because they are solid at room
temperature. The saturated acids you must use as little as possible. There are frequently eaten, because foodstuffs such as flesh, cheese, butter and oil contain much hidden fats. The most important essential acid is the polyunsaturated acid linolenic. At least the polyunsaturated acids must provide one third of the share in our daily feeding. Another third part by the unsaturated acids. The saturated acids can complete the rest.

Some products with many saturated or unsaturated acids

Polyunsaturated acids   Sunflower,- ,soya - and cornoil, avocado, nuts, corn, black berry, soya beans and fish.
Saturated acids   Animal products (such as grate cheese, whipped cream and flesh), coconut oil, palm oil, pastry and snacks.
Note   At bake and roast products it is more difficult: these can contain both relatively many saturated and relatively many unsaturated acids. Margarine and deep-frying fat with much saturated acids are well recognizable, because it is hard and it is sold in packets. Margarine and deep-frying fat with little saturated acids are on the other hand soft and liquid and is sold in a tub or a bottle. Quality saturated fat frequently stands on the label.

Uses two hours for a long-term efforts no fats

A high fat value in the blood obstructs to the use of carbohydrates. Fat combustion provides by liter oxygen less energy than carbohydrate combustion. By liter oxygen carbohydrates 5000 provide kcal and fats 4650 kcal. Especially at long-term efforts this difference (about 7%) is not unimportant.

Calorie table calculator with protein, fat, carbohydrates value

By means of this Calorie table calculator you can calculate how many calories you have take on a day.

Nutritional charts

Lowfat nutritional charts



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