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Running training for women does not much differ from those for men. There is difference with among other things: the training plan, feeding, mental aspects is and natural during the pregnancy. By the menstrual cycle women in certain periods can be more tired. Women can have more hassles of emotional picks and decrease. Take that into account by making of the training schedules. Women are more impressionable for injuries. Certain running injuries (among other things hip problems, knees and stress fracture) come at women more often for than at men. Women must use sufficient minerals. Especially prevent iron shortcoming and osteoporosis (decalcification of the bones). See also: minerals. Also during the beginning phase of the pregnancy it is advised to run considerable fewer. Do in any case no interval training. Slow running you can do as long you that like. You can do also other sports, such as: aquajoggen, bicycles and swim. Normally the training can be gradually taken up after about six ups to ten weeks.

Why do women run slowly than men?

The heart and the lungs are smaller. The quantity blood is less. The concentration haemoglobin (necessary for the oxygen transport) quality is smaller. These aspects are partially compensated because women have less body weight. Also maximum muscle strength is less. The fat percentage at women are higher: extra body weight which is disadvantageous for the running speed. Women are generally smaller as a result of which the step length are shorter. But women have generally a better coordination capacity. Women are also frequently more agile. For this reason the running movement goes at women more efficient: they twist less with their hips, poor and shoulders. Also energy combustion (women switch rapidly over on fat combustion ) go at women more efficiently. This last means that how longer the distance how near by the times of the men are approached. Because the running sport is at women still in development the differences in  times will become smaller. That has especially become at the marathon the last years clear! That the world record on the marathon comes in hands of a woman is unlikely. At ultra long distances imaybe!

And the record canal swimming (France to England) stood already since 1973 in the name of a woman: the American swimmer Lynne Cox (9 hours and 36 minutes).