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Twenty-two minerals such as iron, phosphorus, magnesium, potassium, sodium, chromium and zinc are indispensable for the functioning and building of our body. The total weight is approximately five per cent (that is about 2-3 kg (or 4.4-6.6 lbs) of the body weight. Someone of 70 kg (or 154 lbs) has approximately 4 gram. Iron. Zinc 2 gram. Magnesium 25 gram. Calcium 1.5 kg (or 3.3 lbs). Iodine 20 milligram. Copper 100 milligram. They are even indispensable as vitamins. The body can produce none of these substances themselves. The minerals of which less than 1 gram in the body present are be called spore elements. Some examples of spore elements are: copper, zinc, cobalt, fluorine and iodine. Because minerals are builds more simply they are better tenable then vitamins. Most of the minerals assist the enzymes, which control the metabolic. Minerals cooperate with vitamins. These must be in the correct proportion present to reach optimum impact. At sportsmen is the need for iron, magnesium and zinc is larger, because by perspiring and by unchoking much lost. Iron plays an important role at the transport of oxygen. For these reason sportsmen and sportswomen prevent that iron shortage arise. Magnesium plays an essential role at duration performances. For the muscles it is important in order to the muscle contraction and energy metabolic. Zinc is essential for the immune system. Zinc has also a share in the energy metabolic. Long distance runners who have frequently trouble with colds, have often zinc shortage.


Important Resources

Calcium Milk, yogurt, cheese, meat, vegetables and fruit.
Chlorine Table salt.
Chrome Vegetables, fruit, wholemeal bread, meat, fish, cheese, grains and beer.
Phosphorus Milk, fish, meat and wholemeal bread.
Fluorine Fluoride-containing tap water, sea fish and tea.
Iodine Fish, mussels and table salt with iodine.
Buyer Vegetables, wholemeal bread, meat, fish, raisins and fruit.
Magnesium Soybeans, nuts, wholemeal bread, green vegetables and fish.
Manganese Wholemeal bread, green leafy vegetables, legumes, nuts and rice.
Molybdenum Bread, green vegetables, soybeans, milk and legumes.
Sodium Table salt.
Selenium Fish, meat, whole grains and nuts and seeds.
Iron Green vegetables, wholemeal bread, meat, fish and apple syrup.
Zinc Meat, fish, milk, wholemeal bread, potatoes, rice and muesli.