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Recovery measures

  • By properly applying recovery-promoting measures you will recover faster from a race or heavy training.
  • To remove the waste products we run quarter of a hour quietly. See the page: Warm-up and cool-down.
  • Food & Drink:
    The first hours after the effort are the most important phase in the replenishment of energy supplies (especially carbohydrates) In the body. Normally this stock is within 48 hours recovers. However, it can be faster: try every half hour about 45 grams of easily digestible and easily absorbable absorb carbohydrates. Here you can in the first instead think of: pasta, rice, potatoes, bread, fruit (bananas!), sugar, soft drinks, sweet spreads and carbohydrate supplements. A small amount of protein improves carbohydrate recording. Finally, don't forget to restore the moisture balance. The body can drink about 1 liter of (isotonic) drink per hour process. Also keep in mind that if you don't feeling hungry, your body doesn't have enough has got. Therefore, during the day/evening, take some extra.
  • Try an existing recovery drink too from 70% eggs and 30% milk or 50% milk and 50% potatoes.
  • Positive thinking about your (match and training) performance also helps.
  • The recovery time after a match depends, among other things, on your condition, age, training age, recovery measures and how deep you have gone. On average you have to go for a 10 km game for two weeks. For a half marathon like four weeks. And at the marathon at least 6 weeks.
  • Dependent on recovery we adapt our training plan.
  • En Recovery training.