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Recovery measures



By applying the correct recovery measures we will faster repair of a race or heavy training.

To remove the waste products we run quarter of a hour quietly out.

Food and drink:
The first hours after the effort is the most important phase in the supplement of the energy stocks (especially carbohydrates) in the body. Normally is within 40 hours this stock repairs. It is possible however faster: take per half hour 45 gram easily digestible carbohydrates.
We think in the first place to pasta, rise, potatoes, fruit (bananas!), bread, sugar, sweet, and carbohydrate supplements. Small quantity albumen gives an improvement of carbohydrate up taking.
If you have no hunger feeling you body can nevertheless not sufficiently have got. For this reason take in the course of the day/evening what extra. Tries once a recovery drink existing from 70% eggs and 30% milks or 50% milks and 50% potatoes.
Finally we do not forget the liquid balance to repair. The body can process per hour approximately one liter (isotone) spirit.
Concerning the next proposition the opinions have been divided. After a race do not stretch the muscles or let mass, because they go only further damaged.
It is also that massage descends the waste products.

Positive thinks concerning your (race - and training) performance help also.

Rest more from after a race or during a heavy training period.

Dependent on recovery we adapt our training plan.
See also: Recovery training.



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