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Zoladz test




See also calculator below.

This test has been developed by the Polish physiologist Jerzy Zoladz. By means of the maximum
heart rate there are 5 training areas: your maximum heart rate -50, -40, -30, -20, and -10 heart rate.
Using the Zoladztest can be also well examined which heart rate area(s) after a training period be
improved or possibly declined; the run distance in the concerning block has become larger/smaller.

For the implementation of the test is necessary: a running track (or a piece road that is measured
well), a heart rate monitor and possibly a helper who notes the run distances.

Do a warming-up of about 20 minutes. Hereafter the test starts. Run 5 time 6 minutes in an
even speed. The first you run 50 heart rate under your maximum heart rate (very quiet speed),
the second 40 heart rate (normal speed), the third 30 (again what rapidly), the fourth 20
(around the anaerobic threshold) and finally the last 10 battles (fast speed above anaerobic threshold).
Take between the serials a walking pause of 2 minutes and note the run distance. Try maximum
two heart rate deviate.

Working out 
After filling in table mentioned below you have per training type an overview of the heart rate area
and thereby the belonging running speed (in mile/h and km/h). Also are given the times per 400m,
1000m and 1 mile for the one which train on a running track.

What is your maximum heart rate?

Max. heart rate:  bpm

What distances (in meters) run you per heart rate area?

Area 1:    Area 2:    Area 3:    Area 4:     Area 5:   meters
Thereby the belonging training table:





1 mile

1 km




Hrt rate area

Area 1:      <  Quiet endurance training
Area 2:  


 Normal endurance training
Area 3:  


 Rapid endurance training
Area 4:  


 Long speed endurance training
Area 5:  


 Short speed endurance training

     After choice it is possible to change the distances and heart rate values with the scroll-knob or scroll-arrow.


Start: February 2005 Last modified: 29 August 2020