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Running in the autumn and winter

Especially during the transition to the autumn/winter is it cumbersome to wear correct running clothing. Not only the choice of the jacket and trousers is important, also the underclothing which you wear thereby is very significant.

Under clothing

By wearing thermal underclothing you have less hassle of a wetly and sweaty body, because the sweat is more easily removed. Moreover it holds the body warmth in the winter. To profit optimally of thermal underclothing the outer clothing must also be adapted (thermal underclothing in combination with a normal jacket will have no satisfactory impact). Thermal short is available in short, long sleeve and in shirts.

Upper clothing

Also at the upper clothing is important that these are well breathing, because otherwise the liquid of your body is not well removed. Also windproof and raindurable must be. A good running jacket contains these three properties. The substance, of which it is made, has been this way woven that transpiration by let through but rain drops not. This comes because sweat molecules are in proportion much smaller than molecules of rainwater.

Running trousers

As a running trousers you can use the bests long tight tight. They are there in several cross-sections and qualities. Buy them not too tightly.

Running gloves

Use in the winter not too fast gloves. In the beginning it is possible cold without, however your hands is released rapidly on temperature. For really cold circumstances there are thermal running gloves.


At cold you can carry the bests a cap, because you lose much energy (approximately 40%) by means of the head. If it is very cold you can body parts which are sensitive of cold (lips, face, hands etc) grease with petroleum jelly.


You in spite of all measures nevertheless becomes sick/cold then is any case not your sport clothing the reason, but you have a virus or your training schedule was simply too heavy.