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Tips for triathletes

Swimming cap

40% of the body warmth disappear by means of the head. If water is cold use then two swimming caps.

Switch swimming to cycling

Swimming is what concerns physical work a good warming-up for cycling. For this reason these switch needs not be trained very intensive.

Running and bicycle training

Running and bicycle training take advantage of each other.

Intensive interval training

In a sport it is almost impossible to do two successive days intensive interval training. In the triathlon you can do this because of the use of other muscle fibres. For example running and cycling.

Swimming clothing

Tip for swimmers and triatletes: swimming clothing made of lycra takes no water on and sits as a second skin. Because this way the water capacitance is less you will swim more rapidly.

Maximum heartbeat

The maximum heartbeat at swimming (freestyle) is 10 up to 15 beats lower than at running. This comes through the smaller use of active muscle fabric.

Interval training

On the contrary to runners (at the most 2 time per week) swimmers can do 3, 4 time per week interval training.