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Warming-up help, especial at short and very fast distances. At a test of short effort the lactic acid production was average 52% less at those who had done no good warm-up. A good,warming-up probably gives an increase of 5% of the capacity to absorb oxygen.

Rest heartbeat

By improving endurance the rest heartbeat is going down.

Rest heartbeat

As the rest heartbeat decreases is that a sign that the physical condition is improving.


I am recovered? The rule is that you no longer feel the last training.

Recovery training

Plan recovery training on socially aggravating days.

Long quiet endurance

Long quiet endurance training can go never too slowly however well too hard!

Above the anaerobe threshold

To train frequently above the anaerobe threshold will cost of the duration capacity. Therefore endurance sportsmen and sportswomen must watch out with these trainingsform.

Growth hormone

The growth hormone which comes rather after a firm effort improve the recovering (and the extra super compensation), the muscle shaping and the break off from fat.

Heart frequency

The heart frequency can differ from day up to day. If you have the feeling that the heart frequency which you use usually for a certain training are too high, then you must train at a little lower value. Your feeling is always very important.


During hot days you heartbeat is higher. This comes because you body must lost extra much warmth. The body reacts on this by pumping more blood to the surface of the skin.

Speed 3

A duration training in speed 3 is the most effectively training form.

Listen to your body

A short but not unimportant tip: listen to your body!


Influenza can leave tracks still after weeks. For this reason you must build the training gradually. The first week you do duration training in quiet speed. If that goes good you can intensify the training in three weeks to the old level.

Rest heartbeat

As the rest heartbeat some days 10 or more beats higher is than normally means that the recovery  is insufficient. Do not train then or do otherwise a recovery training.

Anaerobic threshold

The anaerobic threshold is approximately equal to: 220-age-15. Another method is: take 80 % (beginners) to 90 % (advanced) of the maximum heart rate. For more information: Training with a heart rate monitor.

Runners with overweight

Runners with overweight that wants to slim can bests run with a low intensity, because then mainly fats are burned and few carbohydrates.

Training too rapidly

Frequently they trained too rapidly. Especially intensive training are too frequently repeated. As races be disappointing frequently concluded that there (still) must be trained harder.

Recovery training

Recovery training are at least just as important as all other training forms.

Duration training in a group

Duration training in a group are sociably and stimulating, but it means also that a part trains a too hard and another one part too slowly.


If you trained more you need also more sleep. For each 10km/5 miles more per week you need a quarter of an hour more sleep per night.

Intensive duration

With the intensive duration training must be dealt carefully. These training form do your only in the general and specific preparation period to improve aerobe duration capacity. It has no sense to spend much time on intensive endurance training if that is in order. Moreover the recovery time of this training form is during the intensive period too long.

They cannot see the wood for the trees

The different training forms charge the heart, lungs, muscle and tendons in several a manners. Thus during a long quiet endurance training the muscles (among other things the glycogen storage) are charged much more than the heart. Because the resting heart rate is the next days low, you think that the next training goes easily. That does not need be the case. This comes because your leg muscles have not recovered. Do for this reason recovery training instead.