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People who sport a couple of times by week more happiness had in their work. Also it has been shown undeniable that movement has a clearly positive impact on care. Movement has also a favourable effect for depression. A sportsman has seldom depression.


40% of the body warmth disappear by means of the head.

A fat body

A fat body is bad for the warmth household: the body cans possible difficult lost its warmth.

Muscles and oxygen

At running more muscles are used than at swimming. At running for this reason also more oxygen is consumed.

Running in front of a group

Running in front of a group, against the wind cost 10% more energy than run in the group. To cyclists this applies in still stronger degree: the difference can amount to about 20-30%.


Against coming loose the shoe-laces during running: Stop the both nooses under the laces in front of your shoe (on broadest of your foot part). Your car or bicycle key can also with the laces in your shoe.


A afternoon nap for a half hour have more impact than to sleep an hour earlier. A snooze of an hour during the day stands right to three hours sleep at night.


Several examining indicates that two glasses alcohol per day for adults can give beneficial impact on body and mind.


Body exercises advance the production of endorphins in the brain - the morphine-like substances that we will feel pleasurable.

Physical exercise

Without physical exercise people lose muscle fabric when they become older, which is replaced by fat. It is possible for this reason that the body weight is the same on middle age nevertheless too much body fat has. People who do regularly body exercise as them become older store in a much slower speed fat.

Weight loss during sports

Weight loss during sports is mainly liquid loss. Presupposition: after a hours running 600 kcal is combustion. That is only 100 gram fat, carbohydrates and proteins. Why? 1 gram fat provides 9 grams. 1 gram carbohydrates and proteins: 4 kcal. Average about 6 kcal. Therefore 600 kcal are 100 grams.


The mitochondrium are the power stations of our body. Not really a tip, nevertheless be mentioned.


If we at least one liter light yellow urine produces per day and no problems with the relief we can assume dopt has that there is sufficiently drunk.


If you need within a couple months new runningshoes buy them then now! In this way you can run a number of months on two couples. It is at all not bad for your tendons and muscles to vary runningshoes regularly.

Technical tip

Technical tip. Areasonable running pace someone consumes approximately three liter oxygen per minute. There is approximately a liter oxygen necessary burn 5 kcal. This runner consumes in an hour therefore 60 * 3 * 5 is 900 kcal.