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Heart rate monitor training terms



Anaerobic energy supplier

Energy supplies with insufficient oxygen. Their accumulation of lactic acid takes place.


Aerobic energy supplier

Energy supplies with sufficient oxygen. There is no accumulation of lactic acid.


Aerobic thresholds

Under this threshold the energy need of the muscle is mainly processed by the aerobic energy supply. The aerobe threshold heartbeat is approximately 75% of the anaerobe threshold.


Aerobic-anaerobic area

The energy supply in this area is both aerobic and anaerobic. Lactic acid shaping increases by there faster running. The increase of the lactic acid shaping can be neutralised still mainly elsewhere in the body.


Anaerobic thresholds

Beyond this border the lactic acidification will increase rapidly.
Estimate: 80 % (beginners) to 90 % (advanced) of the maximum heart rate.


Conconi (test of)

Test to stipulate the break-even point without pricking blood.


Heart frequency

The number of heart rate per minute. The heart frequency is a good criterion for the intensity of the training effort, because there a straight link exists between the heart frequency and the intensity.


Heart rate limits

The desired heart rate area (under - and upper limit for the heart rate) can be geared to a Heart rate monitor. By means of this function it is easier your attain objective of the training.


Maximum Heart Rate

The up to feasible heart rate during maximum effort. Estimate: 220 - ages. Is independent of the training situation! Decreases after the fortieth life year approximately 1 battle per minute per year.


Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max)

The maximum quantity oxygen which the body take during maximum effort.


Lactic acid

Accumulation of waste products in the muscles during efforts above the anaerobe threshold.


Resting heart rate

The number of heart rate per minute in rest. A raised rest pulse means insufficient convalescence or indications give concerning rising infection (colds and influenza).


Heart rate training zone

The area in where you do a training. See also Heart rate limits.



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