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Sprint training runners


  • This heavy training form can be applied only some times per year as preparation to the race period. Do not train the next day or do recovery training.
  • One must also take into account that regular doing this training form a strongly disadvantageous impact can on the aerobic endurance.
  • Forendurance sportsmen and sportswomen it has no sense more than 5% of their training time to spend on this training form.


  • To increase the anaerobic endurance capacity there must be sub maximum intervals be done The intensity is thereby 85% up to 100% of maximum. The duration is thereby 10 up to 20 seconds (about 50 up to 100m). The duration is thereby 10 up to 20 seconds (about 50 up to 100m). The pause must last 1 up to 3 minutes until you are whole recovery. By this training the energy rich creatin phosphate and ATP will increase.
  • By means of sprint training can also be improved the lactic acid tolerance. The duration of the previous described sub maximum interval is extended to 60 80 seconds. The recovery periods can not too long be (about 30 seconds up to some minutes), so that the lactic acid concentration do not falls back too much.


  • Anaerobic endurance.
  • Increase in the energy-rich creatine phosphate and ATP.
  • Lactic acid tolerance.
  • Strengthening of the muscles (including heart muscle).