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Consistency of feeding

A good feeding must contain the three basis components: carbohydrates (fuel), fats (combustion and building material) and  proteins (building material and if carbohydrates have been consumed as well as fuel). Moreover food must contain the necessary vitamins, minerals and sufficient water.

Feeding endurance sportsmen and sportswomen

Because endurance sportsmen and sportswomen consume many carbohydrates they must eat carbohydrate rich. For this reason the recommended feeding percentages for endurance sportsmen and sportswomen are 60% carbohydrates, 15% proteins and 25% fats. Too much fat and too few carbohydrates are frequently eaten. Also there can easily arise a vitamin B, iron and magnesium shortages arise, because these are involved in energy combustion. Must be watched out for an proteins shortage, because muscle mass go lost. The proteins share in the total energy value of the meal can also not too large: never more than twenty per cent. Moreover drink about three liter each day.

Some important nutrition rules

Tips for food preparation

Many vitamins and minerals can be absorbed during the preparation of the food be lost. The following rules limit that loss.

The energy consumption for different activities


When running, the energy consumption per hour is equal to: 1.012 kcal * the walking speed * body weight.
Below is a table in which the energy consumption per hour per kilogram of body weight is calculated for different walking speeds. Also is to read the consumption for someone of 60 kg.

Energy Consumption Running
Pace/hour Consumption/hour Use someone of 60kg/hour
8 km 8.0 kcal 480 kcal
10km 10.0 kcal 600 kcal
11 km 11.0 kcal 660 kcal
12 km 12.0 kcal 720 kcal
15km 15.0 kcal 900 kcal
18km 18.0 kcal 1080 kcal

Some other activities

Energy consumption different activities
Activity Consumption/hour Use someone of 60kg/hour
Sleep 0.93 kcal 56 kcal
Stand 1.04 kcal 62 kcal
Sit 1.20 kcal 72 kcal
Walking (3km/h) 2.50 kcal 150 kcal
Walking (6km/h) 5.00 kcal 300 kcal
Swim (quiet) 4.00 kcal 240 kcal
Swim (20 min/km) 11.00 kcal 660 kcal
Cycling (20km/h) 8.00 kcal 480 kcal
Cycling (25km/h) 10.00 kcal 600 kcal
Cycling (30km/h) 13.00 kcal 780 kcal
Cycling (35km/h) 17.00 kcal 1020 kcal
Fitness (normal) 4.00 kcal 240 kcal
Fitness (heavy) 9.00 kcal 540 kcal

Calculation energy usage

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Energy usage per day

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