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By training regularly considerably and already a good result can eat arm be reached within some months. You do not have of it strange been surprised that you will eat also more by the training: that does not give, as long as it but carbohydrates and no fat are! However, must be watched there for that the difference between prerecording and usage becomes not larger than 750 kcal per day, because then the chance exists that muscle fabric is burned.

Many people think that you long-term and especially quietly (walk or cycle) must go sports if you want weight lose, because this way the undertow is highest. It is however improve more intensively to go sports. You burn this way as much fat, but carbohydrates also more and glycogen. During a quiet training burn you approximately 500 kcal per hour. The percentage fat is approximately 50%. The usage to fat is therefore 250 kcal. At an intensive training you burn a lot more: 1000 kcal per hour. The usage to fat has however decreased up to 25%. At this intensive training is the usage to fat therefore also 250 kcal! A another important advantage is that after the next meal the glycogen stock in the muscles are replenished firstly and afterwards a possible energy surplus is stored as mass. It is of course, however, this way that quiet sport practices much can be continued longer and there burns therefore also more (fat) go become. It costs however more time. An another disadvantage of intensive training is that you body must manage it also and that it many are heavier training form.

Fat percentage

Our body exists approximately from 45 pounds (or 20 kilograms) muscle fabric. Muscle fabric is heavier than fabric. That means therefore that a slim muscular someone can be heavier than a just as large someone with more bodyfat. By means of the fatpercentage is possible grease and free mass is calculated. The free mass has reduced the body weight with the mass.
If we know this we let us can calculate also how much we must touch lost to reach certain fatpercentage. Example: someone weighs 136 lbs (or 62 kg) and has fatpercentage of 16%. This percentage wants bring back our rack model to 11%. Calculation: current mass is 22 lbs/10 kg (16% of 136 lbs/62 kg). The free mass is therefore 136 lbs/62 kg - 22 lbs/10 kg is 114 lbs/52kg. This weight cannot in any case decrease, because it goes among other things at cost of the muscle fabric. That 114 lbs/52kg must then 89 (100 - 11) % of the body weight become. Therefore 1 % is 1.28 lbs/0.58kg (114 lbs/52kg it has been shared by 89). That means therefore that 11 % (it strives fat percentage) 14 lbs/6.4kg is. There must therefore 22 lbs/10kg - 14 lbs/6.4kg is 8 lbs/3.6kg be got rid of.

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