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The advantages of correct running clothing that belongs to the season cannot underestimate. The purchase is perhaps pricey, but it gives you many years much pleasure. Thus you will have with thermal short (well-known marks are odlo and craft) less charge of a wetly and sweaty body, because these are made of synthetic fibre which holds little liquid. At ordinary cotton T-shirt is that not, because cotton exists from hollow fibres which holds easy liquid.

To start an overview of much used material.

Coolmax Lycra Lycra Lycra Power Goretex
Coolmax Lycra Lycra Lycra Power Goretex
Combined with Lycra this material keeps the body dry
and chilly, even
under warm circumstances.
Very light, synthetic fibre. Clothing made of this material preserves a good clothing form. Very flexible
substance which also strongly compresses the muscles, as a result less fatigue
of the muscles.
These substance stops rain.  Perspiration is possible. This substance is breath and waterproof.
Windstopper Super Roubaix Tactel
Windstopper Super Roubaix Tactel
Made of light
that stops (cold) wind. Has also a good breathing property.
This substance is: isolating, strongly durable and gentle. The material for winter clothing. This material is breathing, quick drying, strong, durable, gently and moreover light of weight.


By wearing thermal underclothing you have less hassle of a wetly and sweaty body, because the sweat is more easily removed. Moreover it holds the body warmth in the winter. To profit optimally of thermal underclothing the outer clothing must also be adapted (thermal underclothing in combination with a normal jacket will have no satisfactory impact). Thermals short are available in short, long sleeve and in shirts.

Running jacket

At the running jacket it is especially important that it breathing, because otherwise the liquid of your body is not well removed. Moreover a good running jacket is windproof and rain-durable. The cloth of this jacket is this way woven that perspiration do let through but rain drops not. This comes because sweat molecules are in proportion much smaller than molecules of rain water. An expensive running jacket in combination with ordinary cotton t-shirts as underclothing has no satisfactory impact.

Running shirt

Below a summary to keep it synoptic.
Runningshirt are available with long, half long, short and without sleeves. The last model is called singlet. Also the thick and the used material are in many varieties obtainable. Thus a choice can be made in windproof, breathing and liquid regulating effect. The more expensive shirts have all these three properties. The use depends on the season. In the dead of the winter runningshirt are less suitable; you can then better run with a running jacket.

Running trousers

Special running trousers have inside a panty. Beside these there are hard tights. These have a liquid regulating effect and available with a short, half long and long pipe and in several cross-sections. In the winter you can use the bests as a running trousers a long tight. Buy the tight not too hard, because you possibly charge of insufficient movement freedom.

Rain clothing

Good rain clothing is rain-durable, windproof, breathing and it is possible to make ventilation holes. Because the first three properties are difficulty to combine you find this only at expensive rain jackets (made of gore-tex). At payable standard rain clothing you must make a choice between breathing but not rain-durable/windproof  jacket or the other way around. The large disadvantage of a not breathing jacket is that you will sweat.

Running socks

By carrying special running socks (well-known mark is falke) the liquid is removed better. Also it can prevent blisters. Pay attention at the purchase of socks that these are seamless. The better socks its heel - and toe-protected and is provide with a left and right sign.

Running gloves

Use in the winter not too fast gloves. In the beginning it is possible cold without, however your hands is released rapidly on temperature. For really cold circumstances there are thermal running gloves.


At cold you can carry the bests a cap, because you lose much energy (approximately 40%) by means of the head. If it is very cold you can body parts which are sensitive of cold (lips, face, hands etc) grease with petroleum jelly.


Running clothing must be in the first place efficient. Also it must sit nicely. And possible beautiful.



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