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What is overtraining?
Of the body is asked more (physically and mentally) then it manages.

There are three forms of overtraining:
Mechanics overtraining 
Physical overload. For example: muscles- and tendon injuries. Muscular pain. But also a too low iron quality.
Metabolism overtraining  
Disturbance of energy metabolism: fast muscle fatigue at effort. This is caused by insufficient recovery and supplement of the glycogen stock.
Overtraining syndrome 
Also burnout called. The hormone household, autonomous nervous system and behavior are disturb. Frequently there is also much stress  (private and work). Also there is frequently talk is of chronic mechanics overtraining.
Symptoms of overtraining

Below in random order a checklist.

Is your resting heart rate increased with 5-10 pulsations?
Is your performance level decreased?
Do you have to more difficulty to accomplish the training?
More muscle fatigue?
Be you subjecter for sicknesses?
Do you decrease weight?
More sleep problems?
Do you have little alternation in your trainings?
Recovery you less fast?
Do you frequently dread training?
Have you been more rapidly irritated?
Are you less motivated?

As the first questions are frequently clicked can this indicate on metabolism overtraining. When especially the last questions are frequently clicked indicate this on overtrainings syndrome.
Causes of overtraining
Too fast increase (scope and/or intensity) of the trainings.
Too little rest between the trainings.
Increased social and psychological stress (private and work).
Insufficient recovery after a sickness.
Insufficient sleep.
Much stress (private and work).
Too much alcohol.

If you are over-trained (it can arise more rapidly than you thinks) then must firstly the cause be found and afterwards tackled.

Mechanics overtraining 
  For the treatment of this physical overload is rest and possibly treatment be by physiotherapist often adequate.
Metabolism overtraining 
  If there is indicating of metabolism overtraining some day's rest and afterwards quiet advancement of the training scope frequently sufficient for a fast recovery and supplement of the glycogen stock.
Overtraining syndrome 
  At the treatment of the overtraining syndrome must be taken (much) more. The training labour must be considerably diminished for a period, which can sometimes last some months. There is also mental relaxation necessary.
Prevention is of course always better than to heal. Care for this reason for a good training plan (watch you recovery between the different trainings well and care for sufficient variety). In the year training plans are also quiet periods incorporated. Train for this reason after a number of races less hard. Use a training logbook. Listen to your body and do what with the information. Change your feeding: take for example after a heavy training extra carbohydrates. Change you training plan as overtraining threatens.



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