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Frequently asked questions
about vitamins and minerals





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How do I know if I'm getting enough vitamins and minerals?

A blood test is the most reliable. By means of the feeding tables you can also very well be examined if you eat a well balanced diet.

How many vegetables should I use per day?

Vegetables not only contain vitamins and minerals as well as other substances. The recommended amount is about 200 grams per day.

Can I supplement my deficiency with vitamin and mineral preparations?


Can I promote the absorption of vitamins?


Can I promote the absorption of minerals?

Yes, with enough vitamins. This is how it stimulates vitamin C the absorption of iron and vitamin D the absorption of calcium and phosphorus.

Are vitamins lost during preparation?

Hell yes. Limit the loss by: food dark and keep cool, wash quickly and then cut, so short possible boiling in a small amount of water with lid on keep pan and cooking water with the meal as much as possible (for example, in sauces).

Are minerals lost during the preparation?

New. There is, however, lost when pouring the cooking water.

Do vegetables from cans or jars contain the same amount of vitamins and minerals as freshly cooked vegetables?

With regard to vitamins: often less. It mineral loss is usually limited.

Do frozen vegetables contain as many vitamins and minerals as freshly cooked vegetables?

Because the manufacturer can freeze quickly, the loss is often limited.

Is there a lot of vitamin C in an orange juice from a carton?

Hell yes. Almost as much as fresh. Moreover, little is lost after opening if the pack is tightly closed and stored in the refrigerator.

Can I forgo meat (every day)?

Yes. However, you must ensure that you get enough iron by lots of wholemeal bread and vegetables. Apple syrup also contains a lot of iron.

Do vitamin preparations lose their potency?

Yes. In addition, there is an expiry date on the packaging.

How can I limit this loss?

By storing the vitamin preparations in a cool, dry and dark place.

When and how do you notice if you are deficient in vitamins?

Not after a few days. A vitamin deficiency develops gradually. Symptoms appear after the first weeks as fatigue, absence, irritability and insomnia. If the vitamin deficiency lasts longer, you are susceptible to all kinds of ailments.

Can I take too many vitamins?

Yes. Especially via vitamin preparations that have very large contain quantities.

With which vitamins could this be the case?

The fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K. These can accumulate in the body.

And which not?

Water-soluble vitamins: B complex and C. This is not possible with excess amounts that are excreted in the urine secreted.

Is too much sodium (table salt) harmful?

Yes, too much sodium is bad for the kidneys, can lead to high blood pressure and can lead to osteoporosis. So moderate your salt consumption.

Is there really that much in potatoes?

Yes, especially new ones contain a lot of vitamin C. Also vitamins B1, B6 and pantothenic acid. Also contains a lot of potassium and iron