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Test from Conconi for running

The simplest method to determine the anaerobic threshold is by listening to your breathing: if you start panting, then sit you around the threshold. Much more reliable is the Conconitest, an exercise test in which the walking speed is gradually increased and the corresponding heart rate. This test assumes that the heart rate linearly increases with increasing speed to the anaerobic threshold. Beyond this threshold, this linear relationship is lost. After the test the threshold is estimated using a heart rate graph.


For the execution of the test is necessary: a 400m athletic track, a heart rate monitor and possibly a helper who can tell the times and corresponding heart rate.


Do a good warm-up. After this, the test begins. You are meant to runs about 2 to 3 seconds faster every 200m. The initial speed of the first 200m must be in reasonable proportion stand with the speed of the eventual expected threshold speed. In other words take 12 to 16 200m times so that you walk for a total of about 10 to 12 minutes. That's how good ones start runners the first 200m in 60 seconds, less good ones runners start with 75 seconds. After every 200m, the running time over this distance and your heart rate noted by a helper. You keep accelerating until you start panting: you then exceeds the anaerobic threshold.

Data processing

  • First calculate what your km/h walking speeds are per 200m. The formula for this is: speed = 720/time.
  • Then you will work out the data in a heart rate / speed graph; draw a line through the points.
  • The heart rate thus increases linearly to the threshold speed. This means that the bend in the curve is the desired turning point!

A clear example

To make it all a lot clearer, here's an example from someone with an anaerobic threshold of 182 and a corresponding walking speed of 14.0 km/h.

Conconitest sample

Conconi test example

Conconi graph

Conconi chart