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Biorhythm calculator



When a training or race has gone very well or miserable that can come possibly by your biorhythm. The biorhythm is your personal cycles which influence your physical, emotional and intellectual condition. If you are aware of this clock can better plan your occupations.

Manual calculator 
The report exists from 3 different graphs: 4, 14 and 28 weeks analysis.

Length Physically: 23 days colour:
Length Emotionally: 28 days colour:
Length Intellectual: 33 days colour:
The Average cycles has the colour:

Also you current condition is indicated by means of faces and numbers. These values are percentages of the average.

The exclamation marks ! ! ! on the bottom graph line indicate the critical days by cycles. At this days the cycles pass the zero line.

By the choice possibilities of ' Secondary rhythms ' to clicking to appear other cycles lines, such as awareness and intuition.



Start: February 2005 Last modified: 29 August 2020